Live Report! Loka @Lyon 2017

Loka at Lyon, it was awesome !


Around 3 pm the staff goes on stage to prepare the equipment …. The fans of the band are already at the rendez-vous in front of the stage to wait for them with firm feet, we were all impatient especially that this concert marked the end of their tour “Grip The World Tour” and it was a long time they didn’t come to Lyon. Then the band finally appears on stage and there is the apocalypse. The band starts their first song, the tone is given. They send everything they have and the fans make them feel good! There is a lot of people in front of the stage to watch the band, then Kihiro (singer) speaks and speaks to the audience before starting again with even more energy!

After a while Kihiro starts talking again explaining to the audience that during the next title everyone has to run around the chorus. The public lends itself to the game for a moment of madness! The singer even share this on his Instagram account!

The group continues to chain the titles the fans jump, raise their arms, their fists, shake their heads …

Shortly before the end of the concert, Kihiro is still talking and asks that all the boys put themselves in the middle of the stage. People operate without necessarily knowing why he asks for it and in the middle of the song, it’s the discovery … Kihiro slowly throws himself into the crowd and the fans make it circulate to the bottom before bringing it back by the same way on the scene ! This is called, a crowd bath that makes this concert unforgettable !!

Finally arrives the last song, the final goodbye in spite of the reminders and the continuation takes place in the space dedication. Once again, a ton of fans are waiting for his meeting, his autograph and his photo!


In short, this concert was a particularly dynamic moment and filled with energy!

Interview du groupe – English

The association Asian Dreamers, whose goal is to promote Asian music throughout France had the chance to be able to get an interview with the phenomenal Japanese rock band Loka.

Loka has been delivering multiple hit songs like From Yesterday or Perfect Enemy since their debut year which was in 2012. Because of their energetic performances and their very well produced music, Loka’s popularity expended outside the borders of Japan to hit the hearts of western people. Indeed, that is why they were able to perform for the Japan Touch event in Lyon, France. During the evening of the 2nd of December 2017, their French fans were enjoying the performance of their favourite J-Rock band Loka. We were able to hear their joy from the other side of the convention, which shows that there is a demand for Asian music in France that is not fulfilled, this is why Asian Dreamers is trying their best, to show the demand that is expanding every day to Asian musician / entertainment companies. One of the goal of the association is to fulfill that demand by creating concerts from A to Z, throughout France, for Asian musician to come and perform. We are trying to make every fan’s heart happy and fulfill them with joy and excitement at the news that their favourite Asian musicians  are coming for a concert date in France.

Moreover this is why, Asian Dreamers wanted to get an interview with them, to get a closer look at their lives and their passion for music. And indeed we did get the interview and this is how it goes :


Our staff member first asked them to introduce themselves for people who don’t know who they are. Each member decided to answer that question by introducing themselves in Japanese. Here is the short clip for you :



Furthermore, we wondered if they had already travelled to France and for Asian Dreamers which goal is to promote Asian music, we were pleased to hear that they had already  been to France for a few occasion, like a tour, other convention outside of Japan Touch and the band lead singer Kihiro, said that they even travelled to Nante. For our association this is a dream come true.


Then, since we (Asian Dreamers) were happy to be here for the Japan Touch event, we  also wanted to know their opinion. And turns out they were not only happy to be here and to perform for the convention but they were also joyful to walk on our street. In a nutshell they were happy to be in France. And that happiness might turn into another French tour like they already did, we actually hope this will be the case in the future.

Moreover, since Loka already performed in France, our staff member asked them if they noticed any differences between a French and Japanese audience. At this moment Kihiro gave it a thought and finally answered with a hesitant tone a simple : “no”, but then he added the fact that French people are crazier. So we asked if that meant that a Japanese audience is a bit more calm compare to a French one, he answered again, with the same hesitant tone but this time with a somewhat funny voice that went higher : “no”, our staff and the band laughed happily at that moment. So we wondered, what was the perfect audience for Loka ?  Not seeing that one coming, Kihiro asked his fellow members and finally came up with the answer : “The perfect audience for us, is the one that is present. As long as they are here for the band, they are perfect.”. Here we can clearly see that they value their fans.


Since Loka had been performing over the years on different kind of stages, we asked them if they rather like performing on a normal stage or a convention stage just like the Japan Touch one. Their answer was somewhat more precise than the other ones. They talked about microphones and their personal experience with their French tour which we were all ears for. This is the answer Kihiro gave us, quote on quote : “I think we like both, but it is more easier for us to perform on a convention stage like the Japan Touch one, because when we were touring in France we noticed that the stages are smaller just like the microphones and everything else, but on a convention stage it feels more familiar because we get the chance to perform on bigger stages with everything else being big.” This is actually a great answer. Indeed by saying this, he may have depicted a problem within the French entertainment industry. Does having small stages means that France don’t really care about concerts, music and the entertainment industry overall ? Does this actually blocks other foreign artist to perform how they would perform in their home country ? Does it mean that they would rather not come and perform here if they are not able to give us a great show ? Kihiro’s answer is indeed interesting, it gives us a lot of things to think about to improve the French entertainment industry.


And finally, to finish the interview, we decided to ask them two rather personal questions. One of them being if they get along with the two new members that were added to the already existing band and if there were any troubles with them. Kihiro said that things were getting better, maybe they needed some adjustment time before really getting along. And he also added the fact that for now, there were no troubles, which is a good news for the fans. Since the band get along, have fun and share their passion for music it might mean that they are working on new projects, new songs and even perhaps an album which all were confirmed by Kihiro.

The second rather personal question was about last time they were here for the Japan Touch event. It was about them remembering signing a pair of boobs. Nothing can beat a fan love for their favourite J-Rock Band, if you don’t have papers left just show your chest area and get the autograph there. When we made them remember that moment, the band laughed joyfully. We asked them if this time around they got another chance to do it, turns out they were none. But apparently they were looking forward to it, if they can they will. So ladies, do not fear to show it all in front of them if your heart says to.


So that was it, that was the end of our interview with Loka. Our experiences with them was great and interactive. As an Asian Dreamers staff, I would like to give a huge “thank you” to the staff of Japan Touch  for giving us the opportunity to get this exclusive interview. And I would also like to thanks Loka for giving us their time and their honesty. We (Asian Dreamers) are looking forward to get to work with them a second time.


Source : Asian Dreamers staff, Emile.



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Source : Asian Dreamers

Reporter : Maeva

Photo : A&A Photography

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