Live Report! G.L.A.M.S @Lyon

On June 3rd, Mikaru was back in Lyon with his band GLAMS !


After the stage’s set up, the rehearsals and the make-up session for the members, as for every good visual kei band, the first VIP fans entered the venue. They were about 30, and were able to take a picture with the band and to spend a privileged moment. Then, around 8:30pm, the other people could enter as well. Even though the venue isn’t packed, the fans were here and very looking forward to the performance. 9Pm, time for the members to enter the stage. The fans cheer for them as soon as they do so and the show starts.

GLAMS, Mikaru and DIO

Although it was a GLAMS’ concert, the band pleased the fans with some DIO tracks, such as « Carry Dawn », one of the most famous during which the crowd could sing the lyrics out loud as one.

Mikaru took the mic several times to say how happy he was to be back here in Lyon, especially in this special venue La Marquise. His goal that night : to sink the boat ! It didn’t happen (thankfully), but we made it TANGUER well, notably during the song « Our Freak Show » when Mikaru made everyone jump from the left to the right. It was a really fun moment ! As we kept on dancing, jumping or even headbanging for some, the heat rose quickly. Mikaru passed a water bottle to the fans to share and took care that everybody was alright.


Soon (too soon), the end of the show arrived and the band announced the last song. The crowd got very wild, giving their everything as well as GLAMS, before -of course- asking for an encore. The members came back on stage, Mikaru made a joke saying that if we wanted more, we should go to their next show in Paris. After this encore, the concert is BEL ET BIEN finished. They thank the fans, the fans thank the band, and a picture all together is taken.

After the show, it was time for the signing session on the official merchandising, as well as the occasion to get a cheki with the band. Once again, it was a precious moment of sharing that fans could appreciate.


To wrap it up, that was an amazing and memorable evening for those who came, sometimes from  far away. Everything went smoothly, both the fans and the band were happy, and we can’t wait to welcome them in our city again !


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