Live Report! Galmet @Lyon

On March 21st, we were the organizers for the show of the Japanese death metal band GALMET!


If you don’t know GALMET, they are 4 young ladies whose appearance can be misleading, as their kawaii look hides a brutal and heavy sound which had already surprised everyone at Japan Touch Haru 2016. Back in Lyon with us this year, they didn’t miss the opportunity to prove us that they’re still rocking more than ever !

The band arrived in the middle of the afternoon at the venue ”La Marquise”. Even though they were slightly worried about playing on a boat, their excitement quickly surpassed everything (we even had to prevent them from getting too close to a swan that would have bitten them for sure ahah)

From the sound-check, we knew that tonight was going to be LOUD.

After having fed them with pizzas, the members were ready to answer the questions of the media. As the interviews go on, we learn more about the girls and the support bassist who recently joined them. A few pictures are taken, and it’s now time for the V-VIP tickets holders to enter. A relaxed moment in a good mood during which they could freely talk to the band and take pictures and chekis with them. After the entrance of the rest of the audience, the show can finally start.

The light gets dim and GALMET take place on stage, smiling and ready to show us what they got. The energy rises as the songs go by. The fans dance, shout, and headbang as required at a metal concert. The 4 musicians master their instrument perfectly, and Miki screams

with a disconcerting ease in view of her small size (we told you!). Obviously happy to be here, she doesn’t hesitate to interact with the audience, even sharing her mic with a man of the front row for a chorus ! Surprise : she introduces the band in French thanks to a few notes. Ruki chooses to let Google Translate speaks for her. Enthralled, the fans reply with encouraging words in Japanese. The show goes on, the crowd sweats in the few mosh pits, and the girls give their everything. After an encore, the concert ends with the song Sounds of Your Life.

Some merchandising purchases and signing, and it’s time for the fans to say goodbye to the band !

We’d like to thank warmly everybody who attended the show, our partners, the media, and of course GALMET ! We wish the best to the 5 members for their future projects !

01. Zero
02. Walk One’s Way
03. Last Words
04. パラサイト
05. Rebirth
06. 翼
07. Eternal Rain
08. What’s Mine?
09. The Metter’s Anthem
10. One
11. Promised Dawn
12. Sounds of Your Life



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